Karate Uniform
adidas Karate Elite Gi
adidas Karate Champion Gi
adidas Karate Master Gi
adidas Karate Master Gi w/ strips
adidas Karate Training
adidas Karate Contest Gi

Judo Uniform
adidas Judo Contest Gi
adidas Judo Elite Gi
adidas Judo Club Gi
adidas Judo Champion Gi

Sparring Gear
adidas Karate Face Protector
adidas Mouth Guard - Single, Junior

adidas Mouth Guard - Single, Adult
adidas Mouth Guard - Double, Adult
adidas Karate Mitt
adidas WKF Chest Protector
adidas Black Chest Protector
adidas Heavy Duty Chest Protector
adidas Shin Pad WKF Official
adidas Microlight Shin Guard
adidas Microlight Shin & Instep Guard
adidas Shin Guard w/ Removable Instep
adidas Knee Pad
adidas Microlight Forearm Guard
adidas Kick Boots
adidas Female Groin Guard
adidas Microlight Groin Guard
adidas Groin Guard w/ Hip Protection
adidas Anotomical Groin Guard

adidas Striking Pad - Size 20x10.8x4.8 inch
adidas Striking Pad - Size 16x7.2x4 inch
adidas Round Pad (Focus Mit) - Long style
adidas Round Pad (Focus Mit) - Short style
adidas Intensive Use Striking Pad
adidas Shield - Size 26x18x5.5 inch
adidas Shield - Size 22.5x16x5.5 inch

adidas White T-Shirt
adidas Light Grey V-neck T-Shirt
adidas Dark Grey Japanese Style T-Shirt
adidas WKF Track Suit

adidas Club belt - all colors
adidas Elite belt - all colors
adidas Elite belt - black, kanji embroidery
adidas Champion belt - black
adidas Grand Master belt - black
adidas Grand Master belt - black, kanji embroidery
adidas Grand Master belt - black, satin


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